Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Visit to Westminster Abbey: I Was Left Speechless


First off what was really awesome about this tour in particular, the audio tour is narrated by Jeremy Irons.  How cool is that?  I heard his voice and introduction of himself and laughed to myself.  The highlight of the tour was seeing the tomb of Elizabeth I.  It is grand, elaborate and defiantly worthy of a memorable queen like Elizabeth I.  I found it interesting that her sister Mary I is buried beneath  Elizabeth.  I guess it just goes to show who the more important sister will forever be recognized as.  Another highlight was going next door to Elizabeth’s tomb to see the tomb of Mary Queen of Scots.  James I, successor of Elizabeth I, wanted his mother to be remembered despite the fact that she was pretty much the mortal enemy of Elizabeth and by her orders put to death.  He ensured that his mother was directly next to Elizabeth and that her tomb was just as grand as Queen Elizabeth I.  I believe that Elizabeth’s is way better but I am a partial judge.  I must also note the magnificent beauty of Westminster Abbey. I walked in and could not believe my eyes.  I was left speechless it was amazingly beautiful.  It is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  There is so much grandeur and importance within its stone walls.  My only disappoint was the absence of the coronation chair.  It was absent for preservation reasons.   Westminster Abbey has played such a large part in English history.  Several monarchs are buried there, William and Kate were wed there and Princess Diana’s funeral was held there.  It is such a grand and wonderful place!  If you ever find yourself in London it is a must see. I can never properly describe my time there.  No words can ever do the beauty justice; nor any pictures.  It was surely one of the top highlights of my time in London and not something I will ever forget.  WHEN I go back I would actually pay to see it again.  

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